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Jarring, brutal action scenes

A San Francisco that is weirdly fascinating

Lovers in an exquisite, tormenting balance...


“Simply intoxicating” —Alan Caruba, Charter Member of the National Book Critics Circle,


These words will pierce your soul, your bloody beating heart, and be forever imprinted on your mind”

—Katie McNeill, Blogcritics Magazine


“Vanderbilt paints in snapshot poems with startling beauty” —Rebecca Johnson, Top 5 Amazon Reviewer, The Rebecca Review


The Most Secret Window
   Poetry as a Weapon TM
Natalie Vanderbilt

There is a certain kind of love
That can seize without surrender.
A love of such violence, so beyond control,
 That one cannot withdraw, once stricken.

The Most Secret Window... is a book-length epic poem following the passionate, at times joyful, at times tragic bond between two lovers. From hidden dreams to dark desires to the intrusion of a serial killer, The Most Secret Window follows the lovers amid a landscape that almost appears surreal at times, and at others intrudes with unyielding, ruthless reality.  —from Midwest Book Review stars-5-003

"The other world opens wide
And sucks your fears and dreams inside;"
A shipping empire struggle.
A love he can never forget.

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A choice that destroys the only thing that ever made him free.
Without a word, I have become defenseless,
I've cast my sword completely from my grasp
And bared my soul, raw and senseless
Risking sudden, unforeseen collapse.
With a turn, you have become my west,
And I have ceased and breathless lie  
And hunger till I cannot rest,
Nor think the thought, nor wonder why.
I cannot understand the stroke
That pierced me till it drew a cry,
I've said your name until my voice broke
But could not stop myself, or wonder why.

                                   ---Natalie Vanderbilt
                            The Most Secret Window
                                                     Page 214

       Few stories come to us with such exquisite, tormenting balance. That is what this epic poem, The Most Secret Window by Natalie Vanderbilt, is all about: balancing passions and ambition. Set in 1910, San Francisco and Maine, it presents the story of shipping magnate, Grayson, whose life is of unforgiving structure and responsibility. His shipping empire is under constant attack, his real-time woman is beautiful and emotionally remote with a steely heart and her own agenda. His best friend and business lieutenant lacks the imaginative depth to commiserate with his heartache. Only in his dreams, in the seductive, compassionate arms of his Maine lover, Lara, whom he has never met, is Grayson able to find expansive love and serenity.

       Though Vanderbilt's zest for jarring, brutal action scenes periodically shocks us, though the San Francisco she paints is weirdly fascinating, it is the lovers themselves who compel us to read on. There is an elusive urgency in human emotion that few writers are really successful in fully recognizing and bringing to life in poems. Vanderbilt is one of the few.


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