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The Most Secret Window, Excerpt pages 147-149

            Grayson maneuvered fast to break Selby's back.
            His leadership was strong and his men loyal,
            His wealth was immense and secure on both the coasts,
            Heavily armed, ready, blood beginning to boil.
            At home, as he stared through the clear French doors
            A thought struck him and it flashed and hurt.
            It is easy to fall in love with the stars
            But no one, like she, had ever touched his heart.
            The meadow, the memories, came back in a flood;
            And her name, just to taste it, slipped over his tongue;
            He hated and loved her so much more than he should,
            The struggle was blackening his mood and it stung.
            He backed off, thinking, "I must be a man,
            And fight my illusions as best I can."

            Lara was trembling. She was trying to steady
            The loss of the love that she felt in her mind,
            A cold and empty void where her life used to be
            Until a nightmare ensnared her and left her behind.


For a brief instant in the lonely night,
Grayson’s guard fell to tiny, jagged pieces.
The storm of dreams and desires filled his heart,
And his body flexed as he separated from it.
Lara was there, suddenly, fearfully,
Filling the emptiness in his arms,
Freed of the prison of his shunning,
Freed...before he realized she was an imaginary thing.
"Damn you, dream,” he forced it back, “Why don't you die!"
She fought against the suffocation.
Both wrestled in the throes of hate and want.
"Don't think about her," Grayson whimpered, "don't think about her...."

This is the book for people who think they don't like poetry. This is the book for lovers of mysteries, romances, historical fiction, even ghost stories.”

Most Secret Window
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